Switching to a paid plan to accommodate all products

Undo has 4 different pricing tiers:

  • Free
  • Professional
  • Plus
  • Enterprise

When you first install Undo, you are automatically placed in the Free tier, so you are able to explore Undo and what it offers. 

The Free plan doesn't cover all features and also comes with a 50 product limit, so the initial baseline will only cover up to that. At any time, you can upgrade to a paid plan to accommodate additional products and features.

Please see www.undoapp.io for the details and limits of each plan.

To upgrade to a paid plan, click the Settings link in the footer from the Undo dashboard and select the plan relevant to your business:

Note: you need to be the store owner and have a credit card on file with Shopify to switch to a paid plan

Undo offers a "Pay what feels good" option, which you can read about here